Muslim Reformers Express Support and Solidarity with Women Standing Up “for Justice”

November 6, 2017

The Muslim Reform Movement stands in solidarity with the courageous women who are coming forward to testify against an alleged abuse of power by Islamic theologian Tariq Ramadan, a self-described “reformer” in the puritanical Salafi interpretation of Islam and the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, a global movement, advocating for political Islam.

We support the noble efforts of the women to defend their right to human decency and dignity.

Mr. Ramadan is being investigated for allegations, including rape and intimidation. Mr. Ramadan has denied the allegations. We support the efforts of authorities to investigate the allegations, and we denounce all efforts to shame, demean or isolate Mr. Ramadan’s accusers.

We must reverse the idea of honor and shame in our Muslim communities and recognize that shame lies with anyone who abuses power and honor rests with those who stand up for dignity.

The brave women stepping forward to bear witness to alleged injustice are not only courageous because they are speaking truth to power, but because they are also refusing the shroud of shame that too often acts as a cloak for unethical and illegal misconduct.

The women are fulfilling their divinely-ordained commandment to stand up for justice. The Qur’an (4:135) enjoins us to “stand firm for justice…even if it is against your kin.”

Mr. Ramadan has allegedly used the cloak of authority in Islam and the ummah, or Muslim community, to engage in improper behavior. It is our duty to testify to the truth of any alleged abuse of power so that justice can be served.

We encourage all women and men to find their voices and come forward if they have any information related to alleged crimes and abuse of power, as part of a new initiative we have launched called, the Bearing Witness Project. Please contact us @theMuslimReform if we can help facilitate, investigate and support.