“We are loyal to the nations in which we live. We reject the idea of the Islamic state. There is no need for an Islamic caliphate. We oppose institutionalized sharia. Sharia is manmade.”

 How to Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with the Muslim Reform Movement. Many offer financial support through donations, and others through the donation of their time and efforts by volunteering.  While others organize events in their local communities.  They invite people from all groups, hoping to learn from each other and become friends.

No matter which support choice you make, you are helping the Muslim Reform Movement reform ideologies that create radicalization, which in turn threatens our liberty, freedom, and democracy.  It is incredibly satisfying to act in a way that is consistent with your principles. The satisfaction felt knowing that you changed something in the world or in the lives of others gives meaning and well-being to our lives beyond comparison.

Listed below are many of our suggestions in ways you can help. If you have something else in mind please contact us with your suggestion.

How you and your friends can help

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Help or Host an Event

Can you host an awareness raising event
to support reform? This could be a panel
discussion, a breakfast, or a meet and greet.

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Your time is a valuable gift. If you
are able to volunteer, please reach
out to us!

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