Naser Khader

Naser Khader

Naser Khader serves as a member of the Conservative Party in the Danish Parliament since July 2015, Folketinget, having previously served from 2001 until 2011. Khader’s main research areas include freedom of speech and the fight for democracy and democratic values in multicultural societies. He is the Founder of the Democratic Muslims, which was established in the beginning of the Danish cartoon crisis to give moderate Muslims a platform and voice. He is also the Founder and Chairman of the Danish political party New Alliance.

He has written several books about Islam and integration, and gives lectures worldwide on that subject. On Islam, the Middle East, and the Arab Spring, he is a frequent contributor to Danish media and television. Khader is considered one of Denmark’s leading experts in Middle East affairs, and he was one of the first to talk about an emerging civil courage among the civilians in the Arab countries (before the Arab spring).

He has been awarded several prizes in recognition of his fight for freedom of speech, secularity, and integration of immigrants into the Danish culture.

Naser Khader, born in Damascus, Syria, has lived in Denmark since 1974 and is a Danish citizen.