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Hasan Mahmud

//Hasan Mahmud

Hasan Mahmud is an expert on sharia law, and is General Secretary of Muslims Facing Tomorrow (Canada) and a veteran activist against radical Islam for over two decades.

• Founding Member, American Islamic Leadership Coalition (AILC).

• Research associate, Deen Research Center, Holland.

• Representative, Free Muslims Coalition, Canada Chapter.

• Ex Director of Sharia Law, Muslim Canadian Congress.

• Advisor – United Women Force, Bangladesh.

• Speaker on Sharia law in many conferences and media in Asia, Europe, USA and Canada.

• Author of 4 Docu-Movies on Sharia law shown in Islamic conferences; some are subtitled in Arabic, Turkish and Malay language.

• Author of the book – “How Sharia Hijacked Islam” – (upcoming; translation of the 4th edition of the Bangla book “What Sharia Says, What We Do”).

• About a thousand articles on Human Rights in Islam.


• “Radical Free Villages” – the movement of Muslims Facing Tomorrow received the award from an Islamic organization.

• As the then-Director of Sharia law of Muslim Canadian Congress Hasan Mahmud played a vital role in the successful movement to eliminate the Canadian Sharia Court (1991 – 2005).

• With lots of success, Hasan Mahmud is leading the “Radical Free Villages”, an award winning movement in Bangladesh launched by Muslims Facing Tomorrow (Canada). The movement created many Radical-Free villages and areas, and is continuing with great momentum; it was reported in the International Business Times UK