Tawfik Hamid

Tawfik Hamid Hasan’s Movement, “Radicalism Free Village”

“Radicalism Free Village” is a grass root movement taken up by Muslims Facing Tomorrow, Canada against radical Islam in Bangladesh. It is basically educating common Muslims about the Sharia laws about women on specific issues written in Sharia books and practically applied.

Most of the common Muslims (peasants, fishermen, shop keepers, cab drivers, petty businessmen or job holders etc) are made to believe in Sharia as Allah’s law without knowing the actual laws but trusting political Islamists. They do not watch documentaries or read books but love to watch romantic movies.

That is why three docu-movies are made in the format of romantic love story. In those movies a particular situation is created and specific sharia laws are applied. The laws are shown with references from Sharia books, the Quran and Hadis (Prophet’s Examples). The application of the laws creates disaster because those are obviously anti-women. Once people know the book and laws, they realize that those are not misapplication of ignorant clergies (as is touted by political Islamists; those are real Sharia laws. At the end of the movies references from the Quran and Prophet are cited proving why those laws are anti-Islamic.

It produced results.

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