Raheel Raza


In wake of yet another attack of terrorism by Jihadists in Orlando Florida we are deeply saddened but not shocked. This attack is not the first or the last. It’s just another checkmark in a string of attacks by the extremists as they gleefully cross off the targets they have destroyed while planning for more attacks.

Once again media pundits and experts are using the language of ‘lone wolf’ and ‘mental issues’. Even Hilary Clinton in her address to the Nation, mentioned that it could be a lone wolf attack.
Is it just naivety on part of our leadership or is it ignorance? It doesn’t take rocket science to deduce that this is not a lone wolf attack. This is a pre-mediated, planned attack ideologically supported by all the extremist groups around the world who want to destroy the West. Connect the dots from Boston to Brussels to Paris to Ottawa to San Bernardino and now Orlando.

As far as mental issues are concerned, it’s obvious that the radical Jihadist mindset is the result of a mentally deranged ideology.
There, I said it. Now you repeat after me: Its-a-war-on-the-west-stupid!

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